Disabled military veteran could lose his home over $236 in back taxes

This should have never happened and I will make it a priority to work with our legislators on statute and to put in place policies and procedures to ensure it does not happen in the future.

Arizona's property tax system is difficult at best. Expecting taxpayers to instinctively know how to navigate complex policy and statute is unreasonable.
Exemptions, tax liens, redemption of a tax lien certificate...these are all pretty intimidating words and phrases, even to those working in the Assessor's office.

Adding to the confusion is the many Government offices involved throughout the process making it difficult to know where to turn for answers.

Protecting and serving the tax payers while performing the duties of the office should be the priority of every elected official and, all Government offices working together to ensure that all tax payers, especially our most vulnerable, are protected is a must.

As Assessor I will put in place a team of professionals that will focus on outreach and education.

The Assessor's office will be a service oriented office that you can turn to for answers and guidance through the complex issues that surround property ownership in Pima County. We will not just pass you off to a website or another office. We will stick with you and help you get the answers you need be able to make informed decisions concerning your property.

Suzanne Droubie for Pima County Assessor

Putting the Service back in Public Service