‎Mark Napier‎
"Folks, I have met Suzanne Droubie and heard her speak several times. She is going to be a great Assessor. Please give her your support and vote. She is a good choice for Pima County."

Mark Kahley
Michael Droubie
Elizabeth Dorame  Bushell
James Kelley
Mikki Niemi
Scott Ingersoll
John H. Price
Bob Bowman
Jon Grasse
Cindy Jo Lowder
Brian Sauber- Chairman for Ethics in TUSD
LCDR (Ret) David Alger, CEC, USN
Christy Joy
Joan Keiner
Lisa Lochner
Colin Catron
Alex Dely Jr
Susan Sims Smith
Carol Ann Whigham
Matt Neely
Angie Anderson
Garn Anderson
Patricia Flores- Veteran & Fiduciary
Fernanda Winchester
Rachael Sedgwick
Shelby Magnuson-Hawkins
Mark Napier

Roy Schaefer
Ann M Knotts Holden
Dolores Testerman
Roberta O`key- Photo Depot
Brieanna Peipelman
Gerald Garcia Jr.
Pam Snell Himmelmann
Jim Sanchez
Bri Parker-Eaglen
​Daniel Parker- B&D up Cycled Love
Donna Alu
Myranda Ray Christensen
Linda Felter
Joel Gains
Margaret Sanford Burkholder
John Backer
Lesley VanBorssum
Katlin Crow
​Adriana Chairez
Grant Deakin
​Jason Hanna

Garn and Angie Anderson
“As seniors, we endorse Suzanne Droubie for her solutions to save Pima County tax payers money."

Ally Miller
"Suzanne Actually cares about the taxpayer and transparency."

Steven Bickford
"I'm so excited to be voting for some one that cares about us."